The heart of A.A. is the group, which elects a general ser vice representative (G.S.R.). The G.S.R. attends district meetings that are made up of the groups in that district. The G.S.R.s elect a district committee member (D.C.M.). Thus, the D.C.M. is the vital link between the group’s G.S.R., and the area service structure, including the area’s delegate to the General Service Conference.

“Your D.C.M. Pamphlet” F-12 –

District Chair – Jared B.

Alt District Chair – Sherri H.

District Secretary – Christine L.

District Treasurer – Brooke H.

Zone 2 DCM – Brandee Jo R.

Zone 2 Alt DCM – Sarah D.

Zone 3 DCM – Jared B.
Zone 3 Alt DCM – *OPEN*

Zone 4 DCM – Charles H.

Zone 4 Alt DCM – Cooper R.

Zone 5 DCM – Sam S.
Zone 5 Alt DCM – David O.

Zone 6 DCM – Steffann.

Zone 6 Alt DCM – *OPEN*

Archives Chair – Alex T.

Bridge the Gap Chair – Open

Corrections Chair – Angela T.

CPC Chair – David O.

Grapevine Chair – Katie C.

Gratitude Chair – Steffann.

Lang. Services/Accessibilities Chair – *OPEN*

Public Information Chair – M.J.

Policies and Procedures – Charlie H

Technologies Chair: Sam S.

Treatment Chair: Andrew “Drew” L.

Hospitality Chair for State Conference – *OPEN*